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Sailor Moon Crystal #3: Rei ‑Sailor Mars


Queen Beryl explains to Jadeite and two other dark kings, Nephrite and Zoisite, that the Legendary Silver Crystal is said to contain immense power. Meanwhile, as Usagi meets a shrine maiden named Rei Hino, they both learn about a girl who had gone missing, believing it to be related to a rumor about a “Demon 6:00pm Bus” that is said to spirit people away. On her way to see Rei again, Usagi encounters the boy she had bumped into on previous occassions, Mamoru Chiba, finding herself to be bashful around him. As Rei laments the scorn she receives from possessing mysterious powers, she sees a vision of Usagi being captured and rushes out, only to be captured by Jadeite and thrown onto the Demon Bus, which Usagi follows as it drives through a portal. Using Usagi’s transformation as a tracking signal, Ami manages to join her in confronting Jadeite, who had kidnapped the children to lure Usagi into a trap. When Rei attempts to stop Jadeite, she awakens her own powers and gains the ability to become Sailor Mars, using her flames to overpower Jadeite’s ice abilities, forcing him to retreat. As all the missing children are safely returned to their families, a mysterious chest is flown into Japan. Wikipedia

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