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Sailor Uniform Exhibit Displays Sailor Moon Art, Offers Exclusive Postcards

he official website for the Sailor Moon franchise revealed on Wednesday that three Sailor Moon postcards recreating art on display at the “Sailor-fuku and Schoolgirls” exhibit will be exclusively available at the on-site shop. The exhibit opened at Tokyo’s Yayoi Museum on March 29, and it will run until June 24.

Naoko Takeuchi is displaying three illustrations for her Sailor Moon manga at a time at the exhibit. Of the three illustrations on display at any one time, one is an original illustration, and the other two are reproductions. A total of three original illustrations will rotate on display for one month each.

The English subtitle of the “Sailor-fuku and Schoolgirls” exhibit is “Figuring Out Secrets of Sailor-fuku (Sailor-Suited School Uniforms) by Documents and Illustrations Concerning Fashion.” The exhibit outlines the history of sailor school uniforms for girls in Japan, which originated in the mid-19th century. The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy uniforms inspired the original designs that morphed from official uniforms through the centuries to become an iconic fashion trend. In addition to illustrations, the exhibit features various clothes and accessories.

An exhibit for Waki Yamato‘s Haikara-san ga Tooru manga also ran at Yayoi Museum last year.

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