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Something new is in the works

As long time readers of this blog have no doubt noticed, I have drastically cut back on the number of posts I publish.
This is mainly because I have gotten burned out. When I started this blog in 2013 It was meant to be a personal site about my favorite old school games. Since then I have expended to include several other geeky topics, and moved from a personal one to one with the intent to make it a business, then later changing back to a personal blog.

I have been feeling that Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog have been lacking vision. so i am in the process of refreshing the site and getting it back to it’s roots – a blog for (retro)gaming and simular geek reviews.
To this end I have been removing old posts that I feel are not helping ht esite out. Most of these were just reposts of contend from other sites, suck as movie trailers and Japanese anime / manga / video game sales figures. I have also removed reposts of videos from YouTube (I already post a play list for each games videos in its corresponding review, so it makes no since to also have a post announcing each video.) So far I have removed 521 posts, bringing my total published from 1350 down to 829.

Looking forward, I see my future as a games involving a lot more streaming.
I have been spending a bit of time on Twitch as of late and have been enjoying streaming a lot. I took some time to start customizing my channel and while I’m still tweeking it, it’s looking a lot better then it did.
I have cleaned up my YouTube channel. I made all my speedrunning playlists and videos as private so they wont clutter up my chan. I will post a link to them here on Hacker Labs soon so you can still watch them if you want. I also removed my LOTRO videos (they have glitches that made the video lock up intermittently) and made some off topic playlists private (as they should have been.)


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