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Looking Back at 2020

As 2020 draws to a close I want to take a look back and say ‘good riddance’. 2020 has been a difficult and trying year for all everyone.
Sadly the lockdowns and social distancing didn’t result in more work on Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog. I spent a lot of time working on my own mental health and taking care of the family, while at the same time starting my own business. Counting this post, I posted a total of 15 posts this year.
However even with as little work as I got done on the blog, there are a couple of accomplishments that I am proud of.
· I was a bit more reliable on streaming my gaming on my Twitch channel. I also had some custom art made for my channel.
· I got serious about speed running Myst. I got to the point of being comfortable in submitting my speedruns to the leaderboard on speedrun.com. My current personal best is 1:01. It was in 18th place when I submitted it, but has since dropped to 19th place.
· I have been able to map out my vision for the direction that I want Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog to go in the comming year. This vision focuses heavy on retro gaming and streaming.

Going into 2020 I had grand plans for the site, but unfortunately like many other people, my plans went out the window with the pandemic. I am hoping that 2021 will be better for me and for Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog.

Stay safe and I’ll see you next year.



Jedite83 is a professional geek-of-all-trades and founder of Hacker Labs - The Geek and Otaku Blog. www.hackerlabs.net