Super Scope 6


The Super Scope, (sold as the Nintendo Scope in Europe and Australia,) is a first party light gun peripheral for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The successor to the NES Zapper, the Super Scope was released in 1992, followed by a limited release in Japan in 1993 due to a lack of consumer demand. The Super Scope consists of two devices: the wireless light gun itself, called the Transmitter, and a Receiver that connects to the second controller port of the Super NES console.
The Transmitter is a bazooka-shaped device, just under 2 feet long. Located about midway on top of the barrel are two buttons, the purple “Fire” button (colored orange in Japanese and European models) and the grey “Pause” button, and a switch used to turn the Super Scope off or select regular or turbo fire. In the middle on either side are two clips for attaching the sight. On the far end of the gun, on the bottom, is a six-inch grip with another button labeled “Cursor”.

Super Scope 6, known as Nintendo Scope 6 in Europe and Australia, was the title Nintendo bundled with the Super Scope for the Super NES. As the name suggests, the cartridge contains six games that require the Super Scope to play.
Blastris A is loosely based on the popular Tetris game. It can be played by either one or two players.
Blastris B plays more like Sega’s Columns.
Mole Patrol involves protecting a garden from evil blue moles by shooting them. More points are given based on the player’s reaction time and accuracy, much like a Whac-A-Mole game.
LazerBlazer contained sub-games: Type A: Intercept, Type B: Engage, and Type C: Confront. The LazerBlazer games are different styles of combat games.

Jedite83’s Thoughts
I remember having the Super Scope when it came out and while it was cool, I only had the Super Scope 6 game which, after a while got borring laying the same handful of games over and over. Sadly, Like the NES Zapper, there were only a handful og games that supported the Super Scope.


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