All-New Hawkeye 001 (Nov. 2015)


“Clint Barton, A.K.A Hawkeye, is one of the two greatest sharpshooters known to man. He’s also an Avenger. Kate Bishop, A.K.A. Hawkeye is the other one. (Some might say the better one.) This is what they do when they do what they do best.

Following a disagreement during a secret mission for S.H.I.E.L.D., Kate and Clint have found it hard to nock arrows for even the most routine missions. With a rift growing between them, the future looks bleak for Team Hawkeye.” – All-New Hawkeye 001 (Nov. 2015)

As Clint gives Team Hawkeye, with special guest Lucky the dog, on Hammerhead infiltrating the neighborhood Clint notices Kate is a little distant. “Like talking to the Vision without his emotion chip.” Kate is mad at Clint for turning over Project Communion. They were hired to protect alien kids and Clint handed them over as ordered. Kate thinks they should have saved them. The mission briefing ended and we flash to twenty years from now.

Clint and Kate enter The Nest where all the Hawkeyes set up shop. Clint retired from being Hawkeye and Kate took up the mantle and created The Nest with a support staff she calls The Hawkeyes. They argue over the past and Kate finally gets to the point. Their final mission. Thirty thousand people are dead in China and the Mandarin is being blamed. Project Communion is really behind it and now they have to stop them. We also see that Clint is deaf and is wearing a hearing aid made by Tony Stark.

Flash to Now. Clint arrives at the mission locale and sees a cop car waiting for him. Kate arrived early and took Hammerhead down. That did not go over well, of course.

Flash to Twenty Years Later. Hawkeye and Hawkeye are covered under a stealth umbrella thanks in part to S.H.I.E.L.D. tech and Sue Storm. Lots of good it did them. They were attacked by Mandarin Bots and Kate was knocked out.

Flash to Now. Kate and Clint are still arguing and Kate drops a bombshell. She wants to go solo for a while. Not just as Hawkeye, but in their relationship too. She says good-bye and we…

Flash to Twenty Years from Now. We see Mandarin standing over them saying they will burn like his people did. TO BE CONTINUED…

Flashing back and forth like that was annoying. I understand it brought the story further along, but stick with one time period. I hope the next issue doesn’t flip-flop like that. I love that they made him deaf. Way to make him remain awesome, but also relateable to kids who might have hearing issues too. At least they didn’t do to Hawkeye what they did to Thor and just make him female in the All-New series. Until Next Time!

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