Hacker Labs

Website Restructuring

Hey everyone!
Sence The Dragon and I merged our blogs into this one, we have been looking for ways to grow the site.
I would like to take a minute to take a look back at the great changes that have been happening there at Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog.

Hacker Labs – the Geek and Otaku blog has a new theme and a new mobile version. All new branding will be coming soon.

Jedite’s Book of Shadows was spun off of Hacker Labs in January 2015 and was brought back in March to better ensure long term stability. We have been actively updating the Book of shadows, Adding numerous new articles and we will be posting more in the weeks to some. We recently released an app for Android phones and tablets to give access to the Book of Shadows with a interface optimized for small screens. The App is available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Jedite’s book of shadows also has a improved experience when visited on mobile web browsers.


Jedite83 is a professional geek-of-all-trades and founder of Hacker Labs - The Geek and Otaku Blog. www.hackerlabs.net