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Jedite’s Book of Shadows, Android Apps and a Faster Site.

Hey everyone!
While I don’t mention in here very often, I run another website called Jedite’s Book of Shadows.
When I relanchedHacker Labs last July I knew that I wanted to also do something big for the Book of Shadows.
Over the last few weeks I started cleaning up some old articles and making some small tweaks to the system. I have also started planning and writing a number of new articles for the site.

Recently I registered a new domain name for the Book of Shadows. It can now be accessed at www.wicca.cf. Old links should forward to the new location for at least a few months.
As part of my plan to make Jedite’s Book of Shadows. a one-stop-shop for Wicca related information, I have also release our first android app on the Amazon App Store. The App is free and gives you access to the same information as on the main BOS, however in a experience designed for smaller devices. With the next few updates to the app, I will be adding a Wiccan calender, Moon Phase, and a few other cool things 😉
The Jedite’s Book of Shadows Android App is and always be free, supported by unobtrusive advertising on the bottom of articles. (Interested in advertising with us on our app or websites? Click HERE)

I have also been working on improving the load times for the site. Being that I host all my websites on my home server, at times the site can be a bit slow. We are now working with the CloudFlare CDN to cache static content to improve performance. While this has improved performance a bit (along with other changed I have made), I will be continuing to improve the sites speed.


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