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Pokemon: The Johto Journeys (1999-2000)

Recently I sat down with Captain Little Dude and watched Pokemon: The Johto Journeys, the third season of the Pokémon animated series, covering the continuing adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to Johto with Brock and Misty.

While non of the episodes this season particularly stood out as amazing, likewise none of them stood out for being bad episodes. Like before Ash continues to work to become a Pokemon trainer by walking around, Making friends and getting messed up with Team Rockets shenanigans. One the rare occasion he ever ones Pokemon training things like *catching* and *training* his *Pokemon*. Team Rocket continues their mission to steal Pokemon in the most expensive, least efficient and self-destructive was possible.

My favorite Pokemon: The Johto Journeys episodes include:

  • Once in a Blue Moon
  • Tanks a Lot!
  • The Superhero Secret

My least favorite Pokemon: The Johto Journeys episodes include:

  • The Double Trouble Header – While the thought of a trainer that specializes in yellow and black Pokemon is cool, and the episode was decent, I disliked this episode because of the fact that Ash was being douchebag throughout the entire episode.
  • Charizard’s Burning Ambitions – Another ‘Ash is a terrible trainer’ episode. Instead of reminding us yet again that Ash is a crap trainer, how about an episode where he actually gets better.

If I was one to give out a numerica score for a review I would give Pokemon: The Johto Journeys a 3 out of 5. However as we know that numeric scores for reviews are pointless, I will just say ‘It’s a decent watch’.

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