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2nd Day of Christmas: The Polar Express


Welcome to Hacker’s countdown to Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas are here!

On the 2nd Day until Christmas, we are watching:

The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks as pretty much every adult you see. He is the Narrator, Train Conductor, the Hobo, and I am pretty sure he plays the voices of the elves, but the pitch is altered. It is a lovely CGI telling of a great book. The animation is just breathtaking! It was colorful and bright and really captured Captain Little Dude’s attention. It lost his attention in the middle, but when they got to the North Pole, he was GLUED. A great movie for the little ones, but I still recommend the book be read before watching. The book is always better.

Tom Hanks does a great job bringing so many characters to life. I really enjoyed his performance. The children were a delight. I have never heard of any of the people who play the children, but they were great.

If you want to add a few new Holiday songs to your playlist, check out the Polar Express Soundtrack.

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