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1st Day of Christmas: A Christmas Carol (2009)


Welcome to Hacker’s countdown to Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas are here!

On the 1st Day until Christmas, we are watching:

A Christmas Carol the 2009 Jim Carrey film. This movie is done entirely in CGI and I was prepared to hate it as I am not a Jim Carrey fan (Yet, this is the 2nd movie of his I have reviewed this week). I was surprised how much I loved it. The CGI is breathtaking. So crisp and realistic. It is colorful and a real work of art. The animation doesn’t just illustrate the story. It MAKES this film amazing. If you follow the book while you watch the movie it is nearly word for word exact.

The cast list is exceptional. Jim Carrey lends his versatile voice to Scrooge, the three Ghosts of Christmas, and Scrooge as his younger selves. Gary Oldman plays Bob Cratchet, Jacob Marley, and Tiny Tim. Colin Firth plays Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew. Carey Elwes lends his voice to five of the characters in the film including the Gentlemen from the Charity. Robin Wright (of the Princess Bride!!) plays Fan and Belle. Bob Hoskins plays Fezziwig and Old Joe. I guess Disney used The Simpsons’ method of hiring. Why hire lots of actors when you can hire 5 to do a cast of 100? Impressive work from all of them.

I am a hard and fast fan of this version of A Christmas Carol. So beautiful and amazing acting. I love how Scrooge was essentially tormented by himself as Jim Carrey did all the voices for the Spirits of Christmas. Such a lovely film. Captain Little Dude couldn’t take his eyes from it. Some parts were a little scary for him, like the Ghost of Jacob Marley and some of the scenes with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

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