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6th Day of Christmas: White Christmas


Welcome to Hacker’s countdown to Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas are here!

On the 6th Day until Christmas, we are watching:

White Christmas starring Bing Crosby. It opens with Bing singing one of my favorite songs and the title of this film, White Christmas. The movie is about two men Bob Wallace and Davis who are music producers who meet two sisters who are gorgeous and sound just as lovely. Betty and Judy are trying to break into the music business. They end up working with Wallace and Davis and end up in a chalet owned by their old General. They find the chalet is going under and his boss is going bankrupt. They decide to help him by making a big show. Meanwhile, Davis and little sister are plotting to get Wallace (Bob) and big sister (Betty) together. It works, of course, and little sis and Davis get together as well.

The music, dancing, and sheer production of this movie are top notch. They don’t make movies like this anymore. The long dance numbers are gloriously beautiful. The dancers are so skilled. Back then they were dancers and not just movie stars they taught the moves to in a summer workshop. The costumes are my favorite. So glamorous and colorful. The women’s attire was feminine and sexy while remaining modest (and easy to dance in).

This movie was a little too long and boring for Captain Little Dude, even with the colorful music numbers. Not one Jedite would care for either. This may be a Dragon only favorite.

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