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Old Stomping Grounds – Part 2

Previously on Into the Black… The Black Fox and Captain Mitch were discovered while attempting to reunite Fox with items hidden in his past home. When discovered by Magistrate Evans, the new occupant of the estate, Fox cold-cocked him but

Old Stomping Grounds

When we last saw our heroes they were in full burn leaving Paquin headed to the planet Hera to help The Black Fox recover hidden treasures at an impressive estate that once belonged to him… Fox and Captain Mitch were


Magic the Gathering: Back when I was in middle school, a lot of my friends were into Magic The Gathering (MtG). I talked my grandmother into buying me some cards and fell in love with the artwork (and ended up


Previously on Into the Black… The Hera was packed to the air vents with trinkets and passengers to be delivered to the resort moon Paquin. As Twitch prepared to make her decent to Beaufort alarms begin to blare in the

New Muscle

2013.11.07 “I don’t think of it as pimping, I think of it as sending in my best negotiator” Previously on Into the Black… The Hera was packed to the air vents with trinkets and passengers to be delivered to the

Underwater Space Pirates – Part 2

2013.10.24 When we left our heros, they had completed reconnaissance of the sunken mansion and were developing a plan to loot its booty. With the help of local construction worker and part time plunderer, Danny Nohara, a plan was devised

D&D Recap

D&D (2 weeks ago): We had a few players call out for what ever reasons, but still wanting to run game, I arranged for some kobolds to grab the missing player’s PCs, followed by the rest of the adventures having

Underwater Space Pirates

2013-09-26 The trip to Greenleaf was very quick (thanks to our excellent new pilot) and uneventful. There were no problems filling the cargo and passenger compartments and the Captain found a use for the empty crew quarters. We built a

D&D 4e

Every Thursday that I don’t have Serenity RPG I run a Roll20 D&D game. It is a 4th edition game running through the officially published modules. We are currently running the first module: The keep on the shadowfell. This game

I need to see a man about a horse – Part 2

2013-09-12: The rest of the trip to Three Hills was uneventful. Captain Mitch received a wave from Twitch, a pilot he was referred to on Three Hills that arranged a deal on fuel. Meanwhile, Doc James tended to his equine