Magic the Gathering:
Back when I was in middle school, a lot of my friends were into Magic The Gathering (MtG). I talked my grandmother into buying me some cards and fell in love with the artwork (and ended up mainly collecting the cards for the artwork.) At some point I got rid of most of my cards, keeping a few of my favorites squirreled away.

Recently my wife and I got into MGT and I dug out my decade plus old cards, and picked up some new cards on Amazon to get started.

I picked up the 2013 Deck Builder’s Toolkit, a pack of 40 foils, a 1000 card pack (actually had 1,168 cards), a pack of duel decks (2 60 card pre-made decks), and some booster packs. I ended up with a total of 1,628 cards, plus a few dozen that I had left over from middle school.
I also picked up some 300 card boxes and a 5000 card box.
For less than $100 we got a pretty decent sized collection started.

I talk about Pokemon and Sailor Moon below the fold…

A few days ago I stumbled across a collection of Sailor Moon CCG cards and a handful of early Pokemon cards (mostly early promos).

Back when it first came out, I was a Pokemaniac. In addition to many of the early Game Boy games, I also collected the trading cards. After high school I went into the U.S. Air Force and got rid of most of my cards. Most of what remains are early promo cards
In high school I was a Sailor Moon fan. When it came out, I picked up a couple of premade 1st edition decks.


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