Underwater Space Pirates

The trip to Greenleaf was very quick (thanks to our excellent new pilot) and uneventful. There were no problems filling the cargo and passenger compartments and the Captain found a use for the empty crew quarters. We built a hydroponic garden to grow a variety of medicinal and recreational plants. All in all, Greenleaf turned out to be a very profitable place to visit. With any luck work will bring The Hera back soon.
The trip to New Melbourne was also quick and uneventful. No run-ins with the Alliance, no hostage situations, no one got shot, no trouble unloading the cargo. Definitely a “win”. The only possible trouble from the trip could come from the maintenance robot John was able to get running, but so far it looks to be designed only to help with ship maintenance.
While on New Melbourne, the Captain met Danny Nohara, an out of work construction worker with a score to settle. His previous employer, Jacob Huffington, has a habit of treating his employees like a consumable resource. Use them until they break then let them go and replace them with the next desperate schmo looking for a job. Danny is looking for a crew to help him take advantage of Huffington’s recent misfortune. It seems Huffinton’s floating home fell out of the sky and is sinking. Nohara figures if we pull this off right we should be able to loot the house and get away without anyone ever knowing we were there. Then sell the bounty off world.
The first part of Danny’s plan was to scout the scene to determine how hard it will be to get into the homestead without being seen. Twitch stayed with the ship, so the other four and Danny went out to the crash sight. It took 10 minutes of surveying before the group was forced to leave by Huffington’s proxies. On the swim back to Danny’s boat, the group ran into a reef shark. James and Rook charged the shark and punched it in the head. Stunned, the shark decided to swim away. The crew returned to the ship exhausted to rest and further develop the plan to infiltrate Huffington’s residence.


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