Underwater Space Pirates – Part 2

When we left our heros, they had completed reconnaissance of the sunken mansion and were developing a plan to loot its booty. With the help of local construction worker and part time plunderer, Danny Nohara, a plan was devised to arrive at dawn from the east.

John the mechanic missed roll-call, so the job had to continue without him. The swim went surprisingly smoothly with no sign of sharks or security goons to impede the approach. Upon reaching the house, they discovered that the east hatch was locked. Rook made quick work of the lock, the sled was parked near the entrance and the team went inside.

Once inside, they quickly discovered that the plunge into the ocean made a complete mess of the place. Everything that wasn’t bolted down had shifted to the front of the house into a huge pile before the anti-gravity drive stabilized the home. Just as the search for the most valuable items was about to begin, John got a sense that the mansion wasn’t quite as stable as it appeared. He warned everyone to hold on, but Captain Mitch and Rook were a bit slow to react and were hit by debris as the A.G. drive began to fail again and the entire house lurched deeper into the sea.

While Mitch and Rook comb the rubble for shiny items, Danny and John went to one of the lower floors to try to repair the A.G. drive well enough to keep the house stabilized during the heist. By the time John let’s the others know there is no hope for the A.G. drive, Mitch and Rook have each loaded a couple items that caught their eye. The team makes their escape just in time. The final efforts of the A.G. drive give out as they neared the getaway boat and the final churning, bubbling, violent decent of the mansion to the bottom of the ocean drew all the attention away from the fleeing boat.

After returning to the Hera, Rook and John investigate the haul and reveal the value to be about Ȼ7,000. Cunningly, they hid the fact that the true value of the coat-of-arms was Ȼ50,000, not the Ȼ300 that Nohara estimated.

The Hera heads off to Beaumonde where Nohara says he has a buyer lined up. During the flight it was quickly apparent that the rest of Danny’s story was thinner than a Browncoat Scrip, and worth about as much. The crew deduced that there was no buyer on Beaumonde, but figured that was still the best place to offload the present cargo. To make sure Nohara doesn’t cause any trouble, the Doctor whipped up a special “vaccination” for Danny that just happened to knock him out long enough to sell the good, at a mighty fine profit thanks to the fine negotiation acuity of the Captain. After the deal is done, Doc wakes up Nohara who gladly takes Ȼ3,000 as his 50% share in the job. This job ended up being a triple win: no one was shot at, Danny didn’t have to get air-locked and everyone left happy.

The Captain wasted no time in finding the next job. He was able to get a hold of a friend that was able to hook up a deal to transport souvenirs to Paquin for Ȼ20/ton, with a modest finder’s fee of 10%. The new cargo and four first class passengers made the short trip safely to Paquin and brought in another handsome profit. With their wallets a might heavier, the crew go ashore for a spell and stretch their legs looking for any supplies and/or trouble they find need of…

Game recap written by melinate


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