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Australian Pokémon Are Awesome

Pixel God Paul Robertson has drawn up an exhaustive catalogue of Australian Pokémon based on national foods, sayings, places, plants and animals, some of which could kill you, some of them which (probably) wouldn’t. For those outside the antipodes who

Ash vs Red Rap Battle

The Magikarp Song

An ode to one of the greatest (and weakest) Pokémon of all: Magikarp! Celebrate the beloved Pokémon and sing along to the Magikarp Song! The Magikarp Song Lyrics Totally pathetic, unreliable. Known throughout the world for being super weak. Maybe

Pokemon Go Review

Every so often something will come along that will change a generation. The latest thing to do that is Pokemon Go. Nintendo teamed with developer Niantic Labs to create the revolutionary phone app. The game bring the world of Pokemon

Recent Geek News

Every week we read a lot of news covering the geek and otaku community. Here are some of our favorites. T.V. and Movies · Kotaku recently did a Anime Streaming Showdown: Crunchyroll vs. Funimation Gaming · Hackaday recently discused the

Recent Geek News

Every week we read a lot of news covering the geek and otaku community. Here are some of our favorites. Events · Our friends over at Geek World Order recently covered the Brevard Renaissance Fair 2017 T.V., Movies and YouTube

Pokemon: Master Quest – Part 1

With the Olivine City Gym temporarily out of commission, our heroes are off to the Whirl Cup Competition—and Misty wants in on the action! Resuming their journey, they find that Jessie, James, and Meouth aren’t the only members of Team

Pokemon The Movie 2000 – The Power Of One

This movie takes place sometime during the 2nd season of the tV show. While I have been reviewing later seasons of the show, I will be writing this from the aspect of watching the movie during the second season. Unlike

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Red Rescue Team

What if you woke up one day, and you were a Pokémon? What if all of a sudden you find yourself in a NEW world, where you can speak and interact with other Pokémon? The adventure begins when you and

Pokemon: Master Quest (at first glance)

I finaly started watching the 5th season of Pokemon: Pokemon Master Quest. After watching the first 6 episodes (out of 64 in the US version, 65 in the Japanese version) I can say I’m pretty happy with how strong this

Pokemon Season 04: Johto League Champions part 2

A few months ago I reviewed the first 30 episodes of Pokemon Season 04: Johto League Champions. I have finaly finished the season and am ready to review episodes 31 – 52 Like the first 30 Episodes I watched, the

Pokemon Season 04: Johto League Champions

From the sprawling metropolis of Goldenrod City to the icy peak of Snowtop Mountain, the Johto region presents Ash, Misty, and Brock with exciting new adventures—along with a few familiar faces like their old friends Todd, Duplica, and Suzie! Johto’s

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red and Blue: the game, that for many of us started us on our quest to become a Pokemon master. Recently I sat down with the Red version (the one I originally played). Joining me in this playthrough is

Pokemon Origin

I normaly don’t like to review shows out of season order, but this 4-part special is it’s own stand alone story based on the 1st generation Pokemon Games, so it can be watched at anytime. Episode 1 Two young trainers,

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokémon Trading Card Game, originally released in Japan as Pokémon Card GB is a video game adaptation of the original tabletop trading card game of the same name, which in turn was based on the Pokémon role-playing video game series.

Pokemon Puzzle League

Pokémon Puzzle League is a puzzle game for the Nintendo 64 console. It is based on Nintendo’s Puzzle League puzzle games, but with Pokémon likenesses. It was only available in North America starting in 2000, and in Europe in 2001,