Sailor Moon Suits Up for Summer in Fresh Bikini Line

While Sapporo is an icy anime spectacle, the Sailor Guardians are ready to heat things up for summer. The Sailor Moon x ISETAN special goods collaboration of fashion accessories is adding swimsuits to its line-up.

Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Chibi Moon, Uranus, and Neptune are all inspiring their own color-coded bikinis courtesy of the brand Pameo Pose.

Other items include a bejeweled crescent hair stick, Sailor Starlights inspired shirts and pants, and jewelry from original anime’s final season. Eternal Sailor Moon‘s hair clip is recreated as well as earrings and chokers resembling the Sailor Guardian’s transformation sticks and magic items.

Character color-coded skirts, sparkly purses, and frilly denim shirts were also added to the line-up.

The “Let’s Have a “Moonlight”& “Starlight” Party!” merchandise event will open at Isetan store locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka on March 14.

[Via Nijimen]


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