Retro Game Charts: September 1997

PSX_150x1501) V-Rally (Ocean)
2) International Superstar Soccer Pro (Konami)
3) Syndicate Wars (Electronic Arts)
4) Rage Racer (Sony)
5) Fade To Black: Platinum (Electronic Arts)


1) King Of Fighters ’95 (SNK)
2) Fighters Megamix (Sega)
3) Manx TT Superbike (Sega)
4) FIFA ’97 (Electronic Arts)
5) Shining The Holdy Ark (Sega)


PC_150x1501) Dungeon Keeper (Electronic Arts)
2) Carmageddon (SCI)
3) FIFA Soccer Manager (Electronic Arts)
4) Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Virgin)
5) Theme Hospital (Electronic Arts)



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