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Retro Game Charts: August 1985


C64 1) The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Melbourne House)
2) Elite (Firebird)
3) Hyper Sports (Imagine)
4) Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Ocean)
5) Tour De France (Activision)


Amstrad_CPC464 1) Dun Darach (Gargoyle Games)
2) Beach Head (US Gold)
3) Red Moon (Level 9)
4) Alien 8 (Ultimate)
5) Knightlore (Ultimate)


 ZXSpectrum48k 1) Frank Bruno’s Boxing (Elite)
2) Hyper Sports (Imagine)
3) Jet Set Willy 2 (Software Projects)
4) Spy Vs Spy (Beyond)
5) Glass (Quicksilva)
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