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The 10th Kingdom Review – Disc C

The 10th Kingdom is one of my favorite Mini-Series of all time. I was entranced by the teaser commercial they showed on TV and managed to talk my mother into letting me commandeer the family TV for the duration in order to watch. My Dad even watched with us and liked it! It was a great film for the whole family to enjoy. I have been feeling sort of nostalgic lately and decided to give it another watch.

The 10th Kingdom is an American fairytale fantasy miniseries written by Simon Moore and produced by Britain’s Carnival Films, Germany’s Babelsberg Film und Fernsehen, and the USA’s Hallmark Entertainment. It depicts the adventures of a young woman and her father after they are transported from Manhattan, New York, through a magical mirror into a parallel world of fairy tales and magical beings.

The miniseries was initially broadcast over five nights in two-hour episodes on NBC, beginning February 27, 2000. It won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design in 2000. – Wikipedia The 10th Kingdom

Let’s continue with our review with Disc C. (I love how the menus label it A, B, and C, while the Discs are labeled 1, 2, and 3.)

I’m going to break this down by Disc since the DVD came in a 3-disc set.

**Spoilers Ahead!!****Spoilers Ahead!!****Spoilers Ahead!!****Spoilers Ahead!!****Spoilers Ahead!!**

Disc C: Destiny

When we left off last we found out the Evil Queen is Virginia’s mom. Prince is loosing his mind. The Tolls and the Huntsman team up to hunt Tony and co. The Trolls and the Huntsman catch Tony, Prince and Virginia. Virginia and Tony escape, but find themselves in the Swamp Forest. They get tricked by some fairies and end up separated. Virginia meets up with Acorn the Dwarf and gets a weapon to use against the Evil Queen, a poison comb. Virginia finds Tony in the Swamp and end up eating the food and drinking the swamp water, which enchants you to forget and fall asleep, so the swamp can eat you!

The Evil Queen moves forward with her plan and takes control over the 4th Kingdom. She plans to invite all the guests, Kings and Queens from the other kingdoms, to Wendell’s coronation and poison them all. She wants to take control over all the 9 Kingdoms.

Wolf saves Tony and Virginia in the nick of time! They take a nap before the coronation in order to be fully rested to assault the castle and save Wendell. The Coronation starts and we see the glorious Anne Margraret as Cinderella. The team makes it into the Queen’s room and are caught. The Queen tries to kill Virginia and we learn this wasn’t the first time Virginia’s mom has tried to kill her. Wolf betrays Virginia and is found to be working with the Queen. While Virginia and Tony stew in the dungeons Wolf is brewing a poison in the kitchens. Puppy Wendell shines at the coronation. Tony and Virginia battle their way out of the dungeons while puppy Wendell is scrutinized by the other Kings and Queens of the 9 Kingdoms. Virginia gets caught by the Huntsman and watches as Wolf poisons everyone. Wolf turns and attacks the Huntsman, saving Virginia while Virginia battles the Evil Queen. The Huntsman is killed by his own arrow and the Queen is killed by the poison. At least she dies remembering herself and that she loved her daughter. Wolf returns Prince to his normal self and Puppy Wendell becomes a happy puppy again.

Turns out Wolf was a good guy all along. He switched the poison out for Troll dust and everyone was sleeping instead. YAY! The 9 Kingdoms are saved and our heroes survived, but with a lot of baggage. Wendell awards Virginia and co with medals, full pardons for wolves everywhere, and Virginia gets some closure with her mom. We find Wolf’s engagement ring and find out Virginia is expecting a little wolf cub. Yay for cheesy endings! Tony stays with King Wendell and Virginia goes back to New York with Wolf. Personally, I would have stayed in the 9 Kingdoms chilling in Wendell’s palace. Just saying.

Thus ends the tale of the 10 Kingdoms.

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