Fotamecus is a historically recent addition to the pantheon of deities associated with time, the other major one of note being Chronos. But whereas
Chronos is associated with the concept of time as fixed and immutable, Fotamecus depends on the concept that time is fluid and malleable. It is
because of Chronos’ restrictions of freedom through the concepts of fixed time that Fotamecus has decided to wage war on him; the following ritual is
aimed at aiding Fotamecus in the war against Chronos, and in gaining his favor through helping him. Because modern societies are completely dependent
upon clock and currency (time is money), aiding Fotamecus in destroying current conceptions of time can be considered one further step in the
immanentization of the eschaton.

-Empowerment Rite

Fotamecus: Viral Time Compression/Expansion Servitor
Fotamecus: Empowerment Rite
Fotamecus: Don’t Blame Me, Blame My Servitor