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Brandbacker Review: Smooth Viking Beard Oil, Balm and Conditioner

Recently I was sent some samples of Smooth Viking‘s beard care products and was asked to write an honest review of them. A little bit about my beard. I have a very coarse beard, and without any assistance it feels

Shaving Journal: 1 Year

So here we are a year into my Wet shaving experiment. After years of wanting to, Last October for my birth day I final decided to go old school and start wet shaving. I decided to go with a safety

Shaving Journal – April 2014 & My Shaving Kit

This month I am trying something new, I am changing the blade at the start of each week and I am working on getting into the habit of shaving on a regular scheduled. These Voskhod Double Edge Razor Blades are

Shaving Journal – March 2014

For valentines day my wife ordered me a 100 pack of Voskhod blades. it took a while to arrive but hopefully was worth the wait. On the shaving forum I frequent, Badger and Blade, there seems to be 2 schools

1 blade

One of the wet shaving forums I visit regular, Badger and Blade is having the Fifth Annual “One Blade in February” Challenge.

Stepping outside my comfort zone

Williams Mug Shaving Soap The other day I mentions that my local big box store put all their VDH shaving soap on clearance. Recently while out running some errands I stopped in a chain pharmacy and stopped by the shaving

Shaving Update

Well I have been continuing on my discovery of wet shaving and shaving nirvana. Last week my local big box store put all their VDH deluxe shaving soap (the same on I have been using) on clearance for only $1.

From Bowl to Face

When I started Wet shaving, I picked up a 4 1/4″ ceramic fruit bowl at my local big box store ($1). I figured I would use it to not only soak my brush preshave, but to build the lather also.

Not cutting my face to shreads

I decided to get started in DE shaving after years of overpriced cartridge razors and cheap disposables that never really got the job done to my satisfaction. Over the last year or so I have been telling my wife that