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Jedite’s Van Dwelling Blog – Week 8

Week Starting Sep 9 This week we went the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum in Melbourne FL. Wanting to get out of the van for a while, we ground a dog sitter for a few hours and headed out. While admission

Jedite83’s Van Dwelling Log – Week 6

Week Starting Aug 26. At the end of last week we replaced the air mattresses that we had originally bought with a futon mattress. The air mattresses were starting to fail at the seams which shows that they were of

The Dragon’s Journal Week 3

Another incredibly hot week in Florida. The heat index has been reaching 103+! Which also means we have been burning through gas like crazy trying to keep cool. We have also drained the battery twice trying to charge our electronics

The Dragon’s Journal Week 2

This van is HOT! With the weather being humid, rainy, and hot in the awful Florida summer the nights have been terrible. We have been going through a lot more gas than originally anticipated just to keep cool. We purchased

The Dragon’s Journal Week 1

We have been Van Dwelling for one week now and have already started condensing what we brought with us. We’ve been using more gas than expected, but we have been driving more than usual and running the engine for AC

Jedite83’s Van Dwelling Log – Week 3

Week starting Aug 5. Our 3rd week as a bit more eventful then we expected. We are at the library on day, with The Dragon and I relaxing in the back and the dog and Capt. Little Dude upfront watching

Jedite83’s Van Dwelling Log – Week 2

Week starting July 29. This was a week of reorganizing. We worked to find places for everything in the van. Places we had originaly picked were showing to be more annoying then anything (such as putting out bckpacks with our

The Lost Wanderer’s Kitchen

The kitchen set up in The Lost Wanderer is pretty minimal. Cooking in the van is difficult. Not impossible, just difficult. There’s no sink for dish washing and only a small amount of room to move about. Luckily, we figured

Jedite83’s Van Dwelling Log – Week 1

On July 22 we started van dwelling. Now after a week I would like to share my thoughts so far. We set out at 4:20 on the 22nd. We Spent the week bouncing between 2 different Walmart at night, one

Something New: The Lost Wanderer

The Lost Wanderer

So here it is: The Lost Wanderer. Getting the van was step 1 of out upcoming van dwelling adventure. Here are a few pictures I took before we started converting the van: