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Camp Life – Day 123

Hello internet! It’ been usy here at camp and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how it’ going. On day 95 I mentioned that we had left our lat campground a they were wanting to

Camplife – Day 95

Things have been ging pretty well here at camp. At the end of March we got a 4000w Generator to power all of our stuff. it’s nice to have on demand power but sucks having to buy the extra gas

Camplife – day 33

Organization and storage is still a ongoing project. An issue with popups is the lack of storage space. We got some duffle bags to store clothes and personal stuff in and put them on the unused rear bed. Food is

Camp life – day 17

Note: This post was written a whie ago and this is the first chance I have had to post it. Well it’s been 17 days sence we moved out of our van and into a 1989 Jayco popup camper. So

Welcome to Camp Life!

Welcome to Camp Life! After 20 months, The Lost Wanderer – the 2006 Dodge van we were living in finally gave up the ghost. However thanks to some famley and friends we have upgraded. At the end of Feb 2017