Bill’s Ratkin Blues

Bill’s Ratkin Blues by Five Alarm

((Sung to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash))

I hear that man a yellin’
I think he’s round the bend
He keeps a-yellin’ bout that
Weaver stuff again
We’re gonna need some help now
To shut that whack job up
Need to protect that veil now
Let’s call Bill right up.

Bill checked in that Umbra
He saw some nasty Banes
He chased them bad boys down
but they done ran away.
He headed back to town
And saw Plague Banes rise.
He headed back to Blazing Suns
To have his pack by his side.

He got back to the Sept
Told ’em what he saw.
They sent him right back out there
To put them Plague Banes down.
He brought with him the Lawbreakers
and some folks from out of town.
I’d say their names right here
but they never laid ’em down.

Well, them folks they done got there
Took care of them banes.
Ran into some plagued ratkin
and tried to do the same.
Those Ratkin jammed their guns
and Bill ran away.
And poor ol’ Nothin’ Special,
He done got the plague.