Geek News Round Up

It’s been a while since i have done a news roundup. Every week we read a lot of news covering the geek and otaku community. Here are some of our favorites.

· Catch Real Bugs with Pokéball Bug Cage
· The Days When Blockbuster Had Exclusive Video Games
· Miller Lite has built a working video game controller in a beer can
· Infographic of the Most Popular Consoles and Games by US State
· My friends Randy over at Geek world order recvently went to Megacon 2019 in Orlando Florida. Here are his write-up and his pictures.
· Need the perfect ring to pop the question for your official Pokémon wedding? Well, here you go!
· “Gaming Disorder” Now A Recognized Illness According To World Health Organization
· Sailor Moon Powers Up in Universal Studios Japan Ad
· Playing Tetris on a Flip-Dot Display
· Flight Sim Developer Arrested For Selling F-16 Manuals
· The Pokémon Company: ‘We Don’t Know’ What Mr. Mime Is
· Netflix to run new Rocko’s Modern Life and Invader Zim movies
· There’s An Actual Satellite In Space Called “XCOM”
· Magic: The Gathering Is So Complex It Could Stump A Computer
· Look At These Pikachu Air Jordans
· ROM Hacking Website Removes Volunteer Staffer Who Took Down LGBT-Friendly Pokémon Hack
· Tetris 35th Anniversary Silver Coin
· Microsoft’s Official Examples Of “Acceptable Trash Talk” Are A Joy
· Pewdiepie Calls For End To The ‘Subscribe To Pewdiepie’ Meme
· Netflix to run new Rocko’s Modern Life and Invader Zim movies
· Hacker Appears To Get Original Xbox Emulator Running On Switch
· Super Mario Bros. 64 Has Been Unleashed On The C64
· This Kyoto Train Sure Is Beautiful
· The Internet Celebrates The Game Boy’s Birthday
· SNES Mod Performs Black Magic On Mode 7’s Barfy Resolution
· How To Make Pokémon Cards Even Better: Paint Them
· Enter A World of Pure Imagination with Jersey Jack Pinball’s Willy Wonka and the The Chocolate Factory


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