Lord of the Rings Online: Yule Festival – Tidying Up

My favorite MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online, is running a encore of the popular Yule Festival for 1 week only (the festival is run in December with a short encore usually after the spring Festival). I will be running a series of guides during the festival for what I consider to be the harder or more interesting quests available.

Quest: Tidying Up

Bestowal dialogue
‘You know, , some days I really loathe this job. Mabel never pulls her weight. I swear, I would give anything to trade places with those beggars. They really have it easy compared to me!
‘The worst of it has to be the garbage left by some of the sloppier festival patrons. Stinking, slimy garbage and refuse all around the Eating Contest, and the Mayor’s wife demands that the patrons don’t see any of it! But it keeps piling up.
‘I can’t bear to touch the stuff, myself. I don’t even want to look at it. Mabel keeps saying she’s too busy. Say…you don’t look busy!’

The festival patrons have left a lot of filth in their wake and tidying up is a rather unpleasant chore that must be performed.

Note: This quest is mutually exclusive with The Biggest Stomach of Them All.

Objective 1
You should clean up the garbage, spills, and dirty dishes around the Eating Contest’s tables.
· Pick up dirty dishes (0/10)
· Clean up reeking garbage (0/10)
· Clean up liquid spills (0/10)

Objective 2
You should return to Basil Wyndham now that you have cleaned up some of the mess from the Eating Contest.

‘I don’t see any more garbage or spills! Thank goodness — the very sight of them was most nauseating. I can’t imagine how disgusting it must be to actually have to touch such things.
‘Really, I do think I might be in the wrong line of work.’


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