Change is Coming

I know I have mentioned this before, but I want to give a bit of a heads up.

Starting next week Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog will be going to a new posting schedule. We will still be posting 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), but will be going from 5 – 7 posts per week down to 3 – 4 posts per week.
This change will see less content curated from other sites. I will no longer be posting Japan Anime, Comic or Game Rankings every week. I may include a link to where I get them in my weekly Geek News Roundup, which I am going to work on getting out every week.
My goal is to move to producing more high quality original content.

Thanks for you patience, see you next week.


Jedite83 is a professional geek-of-all-trades and founder of Hacker Labs - The Geek and Otaku Blog.