Guy Hacks Printers Around The World To Tell People To Subscribe To Pewdiepie

Despite an avalanche of over-the-line jokes and gaffes that cost him deals and a show, Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg remains the king of YouTube mountain. For now, anyway: An Indian music production company called T-Series has been fast on his heels for a while and—with their subscriber counts at a near-tie—could topple him any day now. One fan decided to take matters into his own hands by hacking printers.

T-Series rapid growth has been leading fans to start advertising on Pewdiepie’s part. Some have done (relatively) normal things like playing Pewdiepie’s song “Bitch Lasagna” at a club. Others have purchased billboards in their cities. While these fans are mostly having a laugh by throwing money and publicity at one of the world’s wealthiest, most popular YouTubers, there’s a method to the madness: People want the “face” of YouTube to remain an individual creator rather than a big company.

Recently, people in places ranging from Canada to the UK reported that their printers began mysteriously spitting out Pewdiepie ads.

On Twitter, a user named TheHackerGiraffe took credit for the ads, saying that people should “spread the word with your friends about printers and printer security” because “this is actually a scary matter.” Despite all that, the new Pewdiepie video did not mention TheHackerGiraffe.


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