Midway Gaming Box: The Perfect Christmas Gift

We reckon we have just found our Christmas present!

If you are a retro gamer or know someone that is a retro gamer / classic arcade gamer (Midway, Atari, Bally, and Williams), then this USD$29.99 Midway Gaming Box is the perfect Xmas gift. This nifty gaming box includes a Rampage journal, Defender Teeny Tin, Joust Bumper Sticker, Defender bumper sticker, Paper Boy sheet magnet, Joust Boingler vinyl figure, and a Spy Hunter pin.

Pre-orders are now open, with the Midway Gaming Box landing in November – great timing for Christmas!


Jedite83 is a professional geek-of-all-trades and founder of Hacker Labs - The Geek and Otaku Blog.