Japan’s Animation TV Ranking, March 26-April 1

Household Rating
Sazae-sanFuji TVApril 1 (Sun)18:3030 min.11.1
Chibi Maruko-chanFuji TVApril 1 (Sun)18:0030 min.6.9
Detective Conan 1-hour SpecialNTVMarch 31 (Sat)17:3060 min.6.1
GeGeGe no Kitarō First EpisodeFuji TVApril 1 (Sun)09:0030 min.5.4
One PieceFuji TVApril 1 (Sun)9:3030 min.5.1
Animated O-saru no George (Curious George)NHK-EMarch 31 (Sat)08:3525 min.3.6
Animation Hitsuji no Shaun (Shaun the Sheep)NHK-EMarch 31 (Sat)09:0020 min.3.5
Hugtto! PrecureTV AsahiApril 1 (Sun)08:3030 min.3.0
Soreike! AnpanmanNTVMarch 30 (Fri)10:5530 min.2.7
Yo-kai Watch Final EpisodeTV TokyoMarch 30 (Fri)18:2530 min.2.6

Sources: Video Research (Kanto region)

[Video Research does not directly post more ratings than what is listed here. Any purportedly additional data comes from unverified, anonymous sources.]

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