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1st look at Witch Craft Works

Honoka Takamiya is a seemingly ordinary high school student who is living a normal life. However, his main problem in life is him sitting in the same bus as Ayaka Kagari, the beautiful idol and ‘princess’ of the school. Not only that, he even sits next to her in class and resumes the same class cleaning duties as she does. Even the tiniest interaction between them leads to Honoka getting beaten up black and blue by her fanclub.

But one day, however, while taking out the trash, a school building is mysteriously flung towards him. Luckily, a Fire Witch swings to his rescue and wards off the attack. This Fire Witch is revealed to be none other than Ayaka herself, who has been observing and protecting him ever since. Deciding to no longer keep her mission a secret, she eventually becomes friends with him. From that moment on, Honoka gets dragged into an escalating conflict between two groups of witches – the Tower Witches and the Workshop Witches, whom Ayaka is a part of. Both these groups have their own plans to use the mysterious power that lies deep within Honoka. Despite his relationship with Ayaka, Honoka could be in for more than what he bargained for.

I have watched the first 5 (of 12) episodes, and so far I have been enjoying Witch Craft Works quite a bit.
The animation quality is top notch and looks great.
The story is great, however at this point I feel that I should know more about the Tower Witches (the villains of the series) then I do. Hopefully They will give more information about them soon.
It is worth saying that if you don’t like a lot of fan service in your anime, then you may be turned off o this show. There is a lot of fan service. A LOT. The nurse outfit that Kagari puts on at one point is all fan service. Oh, and then there’s a whole scene where two of the Tower Witches are completely naked. Kagari’s boobs are gigantic and short skirts are the norm.
One of the best parts of this series is the closing credits. The song is addictive and the animations to go with it are great. Check it out.

Overall Im enjoying the series and if your not agenst the gratuitous fan service then you may also enjoy it.


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