Geek News Round Up

Every week we read a lot of news covering the geek and otaku community. Here are some of our favorites.

· Fan Merch Poses Problems For Indie Developers
· New Tokyo Pokémon Center Will Welcome 1st Permanent Poké-Cafe
· Drama Around Milwaukee’s Pokémon Go Ordinance Ends In $83,000 Settlement
· Game Of Thrones Cosplay Is Ready For Winter
· Speedrunner Loses His Shit After Finally Breaking Legendary GoldenEye Record
· Twitch Man Plays Super Mario World Theme With His Nose, Says He Has Perfect Pitch
· Mario Deserves Better Than Knock-Off Lucky Charms
· Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wins Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2017
· Steam Stops Using Bitcoin as Payment Method
· I’m In Love With A Final Fantasy Trading Card Game I’ve Never Played
· Hey, Nintendo Didn’t Delay Any Games This Year
· Your Amiga games probably don’t work any more
· The Incredible Hulk: Smashed It On The Sega Game Gear
· Hayao Miyazaki’s New Ghibli Museum Anime Short Now Planned for 2018
· Top World Of Warcraft Guild Says Member DDOS-ed Teammates To Get Their Raid Spots

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