Nintendo Switch Console Sales Reach 10 Million Globally

Nintendo announced on Tuesday that the Nintendo Switch console has sold more than 10 million units worldwide as of Sunday. The announcement also stated that the company is “planning to ship more units than ever before” in Japan in December.

The Nintendo Switch had sold more than 7.63 million units as of September 30. The figure included 1.95 million units in Japan, 3.11 million units in the Americas, and 2.56 million units in other regions. Nintendo had also sold 27.48 million units of Nintendo Switch software as of September 30.

The console launched worldwide on March 3, and it had sold an estimated 330,637 units in Japan within three days of its launch. It surpassed 500,000 units in Japan in four weeks — outpacing Sony‘s PlayStation 4 over the same time period — and surpassed 1 million units in Japan by June 25. As of June 30, Nintendo had sold 4.7 million Switch consoles worldwide.

[Via Gematsu]

This was originally posted on Anime News Network and is being reposted with permission.


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