Niantic’s Newest AR Game – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Just over a year after lanching the Augmented Reality game Pokemon Go,Niantic has announced that they are working on a Harry Potter themed game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive, will use similar AR mobile tech to Pokemon Go. The press release reads, “By exploring real-world neighborhoods and cities across the globe, players will go on adventures, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious artifacts, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters.” They’ll also “team up with others to take down powerful enemies.”
There isn’t much more information yet.

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One Response to Niantic’s Newest AR Game – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

  1. Frances McCauley says:

    That’s so cool, I liked the Harry Potter series, they are incredible movies, plus the magic in the movies are really good as well and they have a really good cast in the movies as well and wish that there more Harry Potter movies coming out as well

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