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Sword Art Online’s Asuna Gets Yūki Color Variant Lottery Figure

This was originally posted on Anime News Network and is being reposted with permission.

Bandai Presto’s Ichiban Kūji lottery is offering up two new Asuna figures and bunch of other Sword Art Online goodies. The lottery, which starts on December 2, includes wall scrolls, an Asuna figure in her standard and Yūki color ways, towels, color illustrations, and rubber straps. Take a look and drool below.

A Prize
B & C Prize

D Prize

E Prize

All illustrations are drawn by original character designer abec.

F Prize

Last One Prize

Sword Art Online, its lead characters Kirito and Asuna, and its soundtrack topped this year’s Newtype Awards. The Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime film has earned 4.3 billion yen (about US$38.2 million) in worldwide sales. A television anime adaptation of the light novel’s Alicization arc is currently in the works.

Source: Animate Times


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