Lets Speedrun Pokemon Yellow

For a while I have been wanting to speedrun a video game. After reading an article on Kotaku I have decided to bite the digital bullet and speedrun my favorite game of all time, Pokemon Yellow.

I it has been a while since I have played Pokemon Yellow and aas I am not a speedrunner, I am going to be documenting my training.I will be breaking the game up into several segments and will then practice each segment over and over again until I get it down. I will start with a baseline for the segment then will run it until im happy with the times i am getting then will conclude the segment with a final run whose time I will use to help determine an estimate to run the entire game. I will finish off by actually speedrunning the entire game to give me a final personal best time.

I will be uploading all my runs to a YouTube playlist and will be checking in occasionally here on Hacker Labs up progress reports.


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