Retro Game Charts: September 1995

Cast your mind back to September 1995. Try and recall what the top 5 games were on the Atari Jaguar, 3DO and the venerable Amiga. If you can’t remember, then I hope these charts jog your memory. Happy gaming !

 Jaguar1) Iron Soldier (Atari)
2) Hoverstrike (Atari)
3) Doom (Atari)
4) Theme Park (Atari)
5) Alien Vs Predator (Atari)


 3DO1) Wing Commander 3 (Electronic Arts)
2) Slam ‘N’ Jam 95 (Crystal Dynamics)
3) Syndicate (Electronic Arts)
4) Hell (Gametek)
5) Return Fire (Prolific)


 Amiga5001) Ultimate Soccer Manager (Daze)
2) Sensible World of Soccer (Virgin)
3) Manchester United (Krisalis)
4) Colonization (MicroProse)
5) Super Skidmarks (Guildhall)


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