Photos of new Atari console

Atari has recently released photos of their latest console in development, and it’s a throw-back to the late 70’s. Announced last month that the company is making a return to the market, the new system is a weird morph between the old and the new. Though smaller and much easier to stack with other consoles, the system will be available in the classic black paneling and wood-grain. It’ll also be out in a black-red combo instead of the wood, and a glass option as well. (The original Atari did have a glass panel. That’s how 70’s it was.)

Currently named the Ataribox, the system will feature 4 USB slots, and HDMI connector, and an SD card reader. Atari is plaingongon re-releasing some classic games and will also feature modern gaming content. We’re still waiting on a list of games. Also the specifics of what’s inside the Ataribox have not been released yet.


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