Camp Life – Day 123

Hello internet! It’ been usy here at camp and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how it’ going.
On day 95 I mentioned that we had left our lat campground a they were wanting to do some maintenance. We had planed on leaving for a week or 2 and then go back. However we have decided to stay at the new campground for a while. The other one offered a bit more privacy between sites unlike the new one but being far closer to work and family along with electricity included int he almost identical price makes this place better in a number of ways. However as there is a 6 month per year limit to staying we will have to go back in the winter.

We picked up a portable A/C from Lowes and it’s been great. Dur ring the hottest part of the Florida day it struggles to keep up but otherwise is great at keeping the camper cool. When we got the Generator I was able to get one big enough to run what we needed plus have extra capacity to run an A/C. We have yet to run the A/C with the generator but the numbers say it shouldn’t be an issue.

At the last campground we had pulled out tent out of storage and used it as on location storage for stuff that wouldn’t fit in the camper. At the new campground we have opted not to do so, so I have been slowly cleaning and organize our storage unit for easier access to our stuff.

I have a few repairs to make to the camper. Mainly I need to address a number of rips in the canvas. Most of it is likely due to the age of the canvas (the camper is almost 30 years old and I beleve this may be the original canvas) but some was caused buy the dog being hyper.
What i am planing on doing is picking up some light weight canvas and shoo-goo to fix the larger rips. The main issue is a lot of the rips formed where the zipper for the windows are sewn to the canvas which don’t give me a lot of room to work with the glue without risking damage to the zippers. Hopefully I will be able to take care of it with my next paycheck. I’ll let you know how it turns out when I do. Other small repairs including touching up the waterproofing (mainly where my head rubs aganst teh camvis when I sleep) and fixing the dry rotted shock cords that hold the canvis tight around the beds (mainly having issues findign the cord in a local store. Trying to to ave to order it online) and taking care of some mildew (I think) on the inside of the canvas above the beds.

Until next time!


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