Bocandy February 2016 Candy Reviews

Bocandy is a subscription candy service that gathers a selection of treats from around the world. I received a box to review this month. Let’s take a look at what came in the box this month.

Kex Choklad (Sweden)

The first item I’m trying from the box is an item I have had before. I have bought these from Ikea in the past. They are very similar to a Kit Kat. Layers of crispy wafer are coated in chocolate. These are very nice. I was very happy to get these in the box. This is something I would seek out more often.

Goralki Truskawkowe (Slovakia)
This was a nice item. It looks like a sugar wafer on steroids. This particular one had a strawberry creme betweens the wafers and a chocolate coating around the edges. It was light and the strawberry was definitely the strongest part of the item. I barely tasted the chocolate on the edges. It was still good.

Toffi Kubanka (Poland)
This was a very nice candy. Not too sweet but has a very rich toffee flavor. The texture and consistency is on par with that of a Tootsie Roll. So far I have not had a bad item in the box. This is one I would love to have on a consistent basis if I could find it.

Pikolo Fruit Drops (Poland)
Now we switch to a hard candy in the shipment. These fruit flavored candies come individually wrapped. Size wise, they are smaller than a Lifesaver and bigger than a TicTac. I got a small pile of them in the box. I found a total of four flavors: Apple (a little bitter on the initial taste but got better as the candy dissolved), Lemon (tasted like a lemon head without the sugary outer coating) Raspberry (Had a nice sweet taste and was much milder than I was expecting. Some raspberry candies can be too sweet or too bitter. This was a nice mellow flavor) and Orange (this one tasted like a standard orange flavor candy. Nothing too exciting but still a solid outing and very well enjoyed). Another item I enjoyed and would look for in the future.

Coris Whistle Candy (Japan)
This was the one I wasn’t going to be sure about. I received two flavors of these. Grape and Ramune. I tried the ramune ones for this review. The candy itself had a nice taste to it. It looks like a thick lifesaver. Texture wise it’s like the wint-o-green ones and dissolve and break up just as easily. The hole in the candy does act as a whistle when you hold it between your teeth and blow through it. I was surprised at how effective it was. I was expecting this to be a novelty and not really work, but I was wrong on that one.

7 Days Croissant (Bulgaria)
This was the largest single item in the box and I wanted to save this one for last. i was not disappointed. It had a very light taste and texture. The cocoa filling was just enough and it was not overpowering. It worked well with the pastry. it was a very nice combination. It also smelled very nice. This was very good.

Overall, this month’s Bocandy shipment was a success. Nothing was bad in the shipment. It was great from top to bottom. Bocandy continues to be a great service. It’s just $10 a month and well worth it.

This article was originally posted on Geek World Order and is being reposted with permission.