Bocandy November 2015 Item Reviews

Bocandy is a subscription service that packages sweets and candies from around the world and send them directly to your door. I received a box to sample from them. The November box came with eight different items.

Paleta Chocolate covered Marshmallow Lollipop (Mexico)
These were nice. Just a basic marshmallow covered in milk chocolate. There three of them in the box and they had three different color wrappers. There was nothing indicating if they had multiple flavors or not. That was not the case and they were all the same. Still tasty.

Gyxa Nacma (Bulgaria)
This snack cake comes from Bulgaria. it is very similar to Hostess snack cakes. It’s a sponge cake base with a cream filling coated in chocolate. There was not a lot of cream in this one and the cake was a bit tough. It was okay but I hoping for more on this one.

Vero Elotes (Mexico)
This was absolutely disgusting. The lolipop is coated in chili powder. The smell of this is awful. Between the smell and the taste, I almost barfed on this one. I couldn’t even finish this one. Definitely would not recommend.

Tunnock’s Milk Chocolate Mallow (Scotland)
This is definitely one of my favorites in this box. The marshmallow is very creamy and the chocolate is great. This item has the marshmallow resting on a light wafer and the whole thing reminds me of a miniature version of a moon pie. This is something I would seek out again.

Waffi (Bulgaria)
This was another great one. The best way to describe this is like a nutty bar with chunky peanut butter and a lighter wafer. This was very light and delicious. I enjoyed this one.

Pelon Pelo Rico (Mexico)
This one may be one of the more unique ones. This candy has a plunger system built into it that presses the candy out in a hair type shape. This is a tamarind flavored candy. This initial taste was very odd to me. I don’t hate this one, but I will not seek out another one in my life. It still was nowhere as offensive as the chili lollipop. This one is definitely an acquired taste.

Marukawa Bubble Gum (Japan)
This was a very nice candy. The flavors in these lasted a good amount of time for a gum and were very strong when you bit into them, It was in a good way. I’ve never figured out how to blow bubblegum in my life, but for a gum to have and chew I can’t complain about this one.

Flower Kiss Candy (Japan)
The last candy in the box is another from Japan. I really love Japanese candy and this did not fail. These individually wrapped candies are an apricot flavored candy. They live up to the Flower Kiss name as the flavor is light and not too strong. This added a nice balance to the box as it was heavy with the chocolate. I would definitely look for these in the future.

The Bocandy box was a great item to receive. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for some sweet treats and are willing to take some chances.

This article was originally posted on Geek World Order and is being reposted with permission.