Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Latte PopTart

Sometimes you just need something sweet to snack on. Life happens and the sweet tooth hits. I found a new opportunity to indulge my sweet tooth in the breakfast aisle of my grocery store. I stumbled on the latest limited edition PopTart. This offering was a team up with Dunkin Donuts to create a Vanilla Latte flavored PopTart. Now, I still had my memories of the A&W Root Beer PopTart and the horrible taste that still haunts my nightmares to this day. Still, I was hopeful for this one. I grabbed a box and headed home with them.

As I rolled back the silvery foil that enshrined the anticipated pastries, I took a moment to smell them. This smell is fantastic. It smells like a perfectly sweetened cup of coffee. The experiences of the Root Beer ones comes back quickly though as that one managed to get the smell right, but went down rapidly from that point. I still had hope for these coffee ones though. Much like Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest, I hadn’t given up or surrendered yet.

I take a taste of the corner. Just to see if the crust was flavored any differently. Nothing special there. It’s the basic PopTart crust that encases many of your standard PopTarts, such as strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon. There is a pale tan icing with a decorative white swirl on the top. Presentation so far is nice. We have one important hurdle to go: the filling.

I finally bite into the PopTart. The moment had arrived to see if the fears were founded of if we had hope. I take a few moments to grab a few bites. My initial reaction is a good one. We have success. This one is a winner. The memories of the root beer fiasco fade away into certain obscurity as PopTarst has redeemed themselves in the eye of this blogger. The flavor of the filling is nice and light. It’s not overpowering and is very enjoyable. The flavor of the filling could actually have been just a tad stronger and it still would have been good.

This PopTart was quickly finished as was its compatriot in the foil wrapper. Whereas the root beer one was quickly vanquished to the trash without even finishing the one. Throwing out food is always such a sad thing. I was relieved to not have to bring back those horrid memories again.

Overall I am very happy with this PopTart flavor. Right now, it is listed as a limited time flavor, but I hope it will make a spot on the permanent roster or at the very least make it into seasonal rotation.

This article was originally posted on Geek World Order and is being reposted with permission.