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Once Upon A Tee: February 2017

This is a repost from The Dragon’s Tower.

Once Upon A Tee.Net provides originally designed, Geek-themed shirts for men and women. Shirts run about $12.99, but you can get monthly subscriptions too. I chose the $7.99 Monthly Grab Bag where I receive one Women’s 3XL shirt per month, selected from their entire collection. I pay extra for the larger size ($10.99). When shipping is added, the cost of the $7.99 Monthly Grab Bag costs $15.98 per month. My first bag arrived on February 6th and I am not sure when it renews. It will renew monthly until canceled. The shirt is made of heavy material and fits about how you would expect. The image sat lower down than I expected (just under my bust), but was a solid print. Bold and bright colors. After a wash the fit remained about the same and the image didn’t fade. I was happy with the quality of the shirt.

This month I received a Supernatural tee. I never saw the show before, so I decided to watch an episode or two,… or a season,… or three. Welcome to my closet Starry Night Supernatural! I liked the design and I like that it sparked a new interest and fandom. I can’t wait to see next month’s shirt. At this price though, I don’t think I will be renewing after the 3rd month.


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