Geek News Round Up

Recent Geek News

Every week we read a lot of news covering the geek and otaku community. Here are some of our favorites.

· Did you install Linux on your PS3? If you can prove it, Sony owes you $55. If not, but you still owned a PS3, they’ll give you $9. It’s all part of a settlement from a case over the removal of the PS3’s “Other Operating Systems” feature.
· The self-destructing game of 1986

· Did you know that Disney almost built a park based on the Myst computer game? It’s true.
· Last week, Persona 5 got its own Tokyo restaurant, complete with P5 themed eats and drinks.
· River City Ransom has a pretty intense password system. With so many symbols and combinations, it’s not surprising that players might have missed a password or two. One of those hidden passwords was recently found.
· If you were worried the World of Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 (and Vita) demo would spoil the full game experience, you can stop.


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