Metrocon 2016 – Friday

While Metrocon actually started on Thursday, We went up on Friday. After a 2 1/2 hour drive and checking into our hotel we headed to the Tampa Convention Center. We are being joined this weekend Randy from Geek World Order.
After checking in at the convention an getting my badge we headed for the dealer room. The room was packed with row after row of venders and artists peddling their awesome wares.
After wandering around for a while checking out the merch and the cosplayers we headed downstairs where are all the panel rooms are located. The panels range the gauntlet from k-pop to Sword Art Online to mold making to trivia games and contests of all kinds. While I didn’t have time to check out any panels,I will try to pop into a w on Saturday.

To make it easer to follow us as we attend the event we will be uploading pictures all weekend to our Instagram account with the tag #Metrocon2016


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