Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town (GBA)

In the opening sequences, the player is shown as a young boy living in the city, whose parents take him to see the country. During their trip the player becomes lost, and finds himself on the farm of an old man in Mineral Town. The old man helps the player contact his parents, and offers to let him and his family stay for a few days, as he has no family of his own. The player’s parents agree, and the player stays on the farm for a while. After the player leaves Mineral Town, he continues to write letters to the old man. One day, when he has grown up, the letters from the old man suddenly stop. The player travels to Mineral Town, finding the farm neglected, and discovers the old man had died around half a year ago. The mayor of Mineral Town informs the player that in the farmer’s will, he left the player the farm.

Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town is a fun time waster. As you can guess the main point of Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town is to run a farm. There is other stuff for you to do – mining, dating the girls and seasonal events.

The graphics are decent and kind of remind me of pictures from a kids storybook. The music is pretty good and sets a up-beat mood for the game.
The storyline is the heart of this game. Not the farming part, but as the stories of the other residents of the town play out it really draws you in.

Over all, Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town is a decent game and if you have a copy and a few hours to spare it may be worth your time.

Until next time, keep playing.


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