Self Dedication

If you are serious about entering into the New Avalon tradition, I offer you this rite of Self-Dedication.
First, hand-copy the words of this rite onto a piece of parchment paper.
Write your own magickal Use-Name in the first line. Next, prepare your space so you will not be disturbed.
Then light a candle on your personal Altar, and turn out all other lights in the room (this is best done in the evening, when it is dark outside).
Now place a round mirror on your Altar, and position yourself so you can see your face reflected in it. Looking yourself in the eyes, read aloud the words of the Rite, while taking them into your heart:

Hear me Ancient Ones, Guides,
Guardians and Powers,
It is I, (your name, or magickal Use-Name)
In this sacred space I open myself
In this sacred place and in this time I am changed,
I align my soul to its greatest purpose.
I call upon Spirit to witness my dedication
And acknowledge my ever-deepening connection.
I call upon the Old Ones, the Ancestors,
The Elements, and the Web that connects us all

Hear now my solemn Vow of Dedication:
Here, in this holy and perfect moment,
I pledge my path to Living Magick.
I accept the wisdom that all things have meaning
And all beings are my teachers.
From this moment onward, I declare myself
A Vessel of Spirit
A true Seeker of the Way
A Weaver in the Sacred Web of Life

I shall honor the Sacred Journey before me
With every cell of my being,
With every breath, step, and action.
May I hold the light of truth
As I quest toward my highest visions.
May I always see the Divine in Nature
And Nature in the Divine
I shall walk the Path of the Wizard
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
So mote it be!


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