Guided Meditation for Grounding

This is the guided meditation we use to ground ourselves during every ritual.

“Everyone get into a comfortable position. Feel free to close your eyes, if you wish. Take in a long, slow, deep breath in ” -count to 5- “and hold it for a moment and slowly exhale.” -count to 7- Allow all the stress and tension melt away as you breathe. Breathe in deeply, long and slow. In through the nose. ” -count to 5- “Hold it… and out through the mouth.” -count 7- “Feel your body sink into deeper relaxation. Continue to breathe slowly and gently as you bring your awareness to the top of your head. Feel the warmth of relaxation spread from the top of your head, relaxing each muscle it touches. Feel the warmth reach your forehead and temples. Breathe gently. Feel the peaceful, relaxing warmth flow over your eyes, down your cheeks and along your jaw. Feel all the muscles in your head and face soften and let go of all tension.

“Take a long, slow deep breath in” -count to 5- “and hold it. Exhale” -count 7- ” as the warm, relaxing sensation flow down into your neck and shoulders. Continue to breathe as you feel the tension and stress from the day slowly melt away. Feel the warmth penetrate deep into your shoulders, soothing away any tension, releasing it into the Earth. Feel your connection with the Earth getting stronger.

“With each breath you take, this feeling becomes deeper and warmer, spreading down your arms and loosening the muscles in your upper arms… your forearms… your hands… all the way to your finger tips. As the tension leaves your body and you relax, feel your mind calming and feeling lighter. Let yourself slip further into relaxation, becoming more and more one with the Earth.

“Now, bring your attention to your chest and your back. Feel your breath fill your lungs and your body gently rise and fall with each breath. Allow the peaceful sensation to continue to flow through your body, feel the warmth flow from your relaxed shoulders to your upper back, soothing every muscle and relaxing every organ. Feel the warmth of the Goddess fill your body and soothe your mind. Breathe.

“Feel the relaxing sensation flow down your spine, extending it to reach the Earth. Firmly rooting you to the ground. Feel the energy of the Earth fill your body. Let your back and mind relax and unwind. Breathe deep as your entire upper body has become loose, limp, relaxed, one with the Earth and the Goddess.

“Let the soothing feelings flow into your hips… relaxing your buttocks… the backs of your thighs… the front of your thighs… let the warmth of the Goddess fill you and relax any tension from your muscles. Feel it flow into your knees, into your calves, and into your ankles. Feel how the stress from your body leave these strong muscles and flow into the Earth. Breathe in through your nose” -count to 5- “and hold. Now out through your mouth.” -count 7- “Feel the warm, relaxing sensation move into your feet, caressing each toe. Feel as your last remaining tension and stress flows out the tips of your toes… leaving your body completely.

“You are now comfortable, peaceful, relaxed. Now is the time to leave the external world behind and go on a journey to a world of magic and peace. Feel the Goddess all around you, for the Goddess is everything in nature. Breathe in long, slow and deep.” -count to 5- “and exhale” – count 7- “Listen. That is her voice. Breathe” -count to 5- “and exhale” -count 7- “Look around you. That is her face. Become one with the Goddess and let her fill you with peace. Open your eyes and feel relaxed and one with the Earth.”


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